Motorola is preparing an improved version of the folding smartphone RAZR

The folding Motorola RAZR smartphone has not yet gone on sale, and the company is preparing another version of it.

What will it be

This is the same RAZR clamshell, only with support5G. Since the Snapdragon 710 chip is installed in the regular version, and it does not support fifth-generation networks, the new version will receive a new processor. Most likely, Snapdragon 765G or MediaTek Dimensity, and possibly a chip made by Samsung.

Motorola RAZR 5G should be shown at the 3rd China Industrial Design Exhibition in Wuhan in March this year. Production will also take place at a factory in Wuhan.

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Recall that sales of the usual RAZR will start on February 6 in the United States. But his brother with 5G support is likely to become China's exclusive.

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