Motorola RAZR has not yet been released, but version 5G is already being prepared

Despite the fact that the first clamshell with a flexible screen from Motorola - Motorola RAZR has not yet appeared on the shelves

stores, sources say that the company has begun preparing a version of the smartphone with support for fifth-generation networks.

Presentation in Wuhan

One of the Japanese blogs that belongsLenovo, the Chinese company, said that the manufacturer planned the presentation of the RAZR 5G in March this year, in Wuhan at the CIDE exhibition, which starts at the international exhibition complex. But these plans were earlier, as they will change in connection with the latest events with the epidemic of a new dangerous virus - it is not clear. By the way, the production of new items was also planned in this city, whether the lines will be transferred is also unknown. However, it is too early to panic, once every few years epidemics of various viruses flare up in the Middle Kingdom, and then they are effectively suppressed. Motorola Mobility is being manufactured at a factory in Wuhan, by the way, this is the only enterprise owned by Motorola.

The first, already announced and presentedMotorola RAZR has a mid-range processor Snapdragon 710, which does not have support for working with 5G networks. So, the new version, obviously, will get a completely new processor, but it is unlikely to be a top-end chipset from Qualcomm. Most likely, it will be the MediaTek's Dimensity chipset, but possibly Snapdragon 765G if it doesn't care about the company's price tag. Motorola has experience working with both chip makers. However, the company also works with other processor manufacturers, for example, some recent smartphones are equipped with Samsung Exynos chips, so it is possible that it will be Exynos 980, or even Exynos 990.

In the US market, Motorola RAZR will be available for purchase in early February, its price tag will be 1.5 thousand dollars, and pre-orders have already begun to accept.

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