Motorola will return to the premium segment with a smartphone that will receive 5G support

Moto Z3 was the last flagship smartphone Motorola, which was released back in August 2018. Top since

We did not see the brand’s devices, but the company will nevertheless return to the premium segment.

What is known

Motorola Global Strategy DirectorFrancoise LaFlamme talked to a CNET journalist. He said that the company is preparing a flagship smartphone with support for the fifth generation network. It certainly won’t be cheap, because 5G technology is still very expensive.

When will it be released and what exactly will the price tag receiveLaFlamm did not tell, but it can be assumed that the smartphone will cost at the level of other 5G flagships. Approximately in the range of 750-900 US dollars. It will most likely be presented next year.

Recall, Motorola already has a Moto Z3 smartphone,which supports 5G, but in order for the network to work on the device, you need to buy the Moto Mod 5G module. It costs $ 350. The new device, in turn, will come out with a built-in modem and, most likely, without module support.