Movavi Photo Editor is a simple tool for serious tasks.

Photo editors have become an integral part of the active users of mobile devices and computers.

Publication of photos in the social network, print favoritepictures on paper can not do without editing and amendments. Yes, today in our hands are mobile devices with premium cameras. But it still does not save us from the need to edit photos in a specialized application.

I am not a supporter of professional programs forphoto editing, which are overwhelmed with a huge number of unnecessary functions and in which, as they say, “you will not understand without a bottle”. I am always for the software to be simple and convenient in execution, but at the same time I solve professionally assigned tasks. Just such programs include the Movavi photo editor.

My first acquaintance with the program Movavi immediatelyIt also began with the editing of one trial photo. Pretty quickly you can deal with the tool. My task was to correct the color, get rid of unnecessary objects in the photo, add brightness to the colors, and, if possible, make several fantasy corrections, for example, change the color of individual objects. That's all and even more can do Movavi. I could not stop, I wanted to try all the functions and test them on my frame.

A little more about the interface. The top panel of the program contains buttons with the most relevant functions: “Photo Enhancement”, “Retouch”, “Delete Objects”, “Crop”, “Text”, “Background Replacement”, “Noise Removal”, “Restoration” and others. On the right is an extended toolbar for each function. Even if you're new, the program tells you what to do and how.

In a few clicks you can delete unnecessary objects.on the photo or change the background. In old, worn time scanned photos get rid of creases and unnecessary noise. If we are talking about a portrait frame, here you can do a variety of experiments with the appearance: change the color of hair, eyebrows, adjust the skin and remove unnecessary rashes and freckles, change the tone of eyes and lips, smooth wrinkles, create makeup, etc.

Naturally, there are also such standardfunctions like cropping photos, turning, filtering, changing sharpness, creating collages and others. I liked that in one program, developers managed to combine several tools at once. That is, you do not need to download separately a collage utility, separately for full-fledged face retouching and fixing flaws, etc. Everything you need is in Movavi.

And some technical details. It is very convenient that the Movavi program is available for download on both Mac and Windows. Honestly, it is in the desktop version of the photo editor that it is most comfortable to edit pictures. Download Movavi can be on the official site.