Movement of the robot closer to running a real dog

Even the most advanced robots created in the likeness of animals are in many ways inferior to them. However Google developers

AIs have found a way to improve how devices move. Thanks to the new method of movement, the robot was brought closer to running a real dog.

The purpose of the engineers was to find a wayeffectively transfer animal movements to robots. Already existing methods require a large participation of developers who have to independently adjust each "step".

Google AI's new method adds a bitcontrolled chaos in robot training. At first, the developers recorded the movements of the dogs and created a digital model based on this. Then they introduced an element of randomness into the model. For example, they made a virtual robot weigh more, or were “given” to it by weaker engines, or increased friction with the ground.

As a result, robots began to move better and perform more complex maneuvers without any involvement of developers.