Mozilla has released a new version of Firefox - specifically for the iPad

Mozilla has introduced a special version of the Firefox browser optimized for iPads.

What is the difference

The new version is more like a desktop version.First of all, there is a split-screen mode. That is, in one half you can open a browser, in the other - another application. For example, a website, and to enter it drag your login and password from the Firefox Lockbox application.

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Tabs are displayed as tiles. And by clicking on the icon in the lower left corner of the browser, you can open private browsing.

The browser also recognizes standard combinationskeys if an external keyboard is connected to the iPad. In addition, tabs can be shared between devices - you just need to sync with your Firefox account. We didn’t forget about the dark theme.

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“We know that the iPad is not just a bigiPhone version. You use them in different ways, you need them for different things. So instead of just making our browser bigger for iOS, we made a special Firefox for iPad,” Mozilla said.

Where to find

Firefox for iPad can be downloaded from the App Store. Of course, you can’t completely replace Safari with Firefox, but you can set it as your default browser through Microsoft Outlook.