MS Office users will be able to generate images using AI

Microsoft Designer will combine its graphic design application with DALL-E 2 AI software, which was

created by startup OpenAI.A version of the application is available for preview to developers on the Internet. Once fully launched, users will be able to develop design projects, create social media posts and graphics.

DALL-E 2 AI neural network created withsponsored by Microsoft, allows you to generate images based on a text description. Combining with a graphic design application will allow users to implement finished projects based on a text concept, the IT giant believes.

Animation of Microsoft Designer work. Image: Microsoft

Created images can be uploaded tosocial networks or share them with friends and family. Microsoft Designer is similar to PowerPoint for creating presentations. The developers claim that they have billions of possible "template" designs. The company will also add an AI-based text-to-image model to the Bing search engine and Edge browser, according to a company blog post.

Designer preview is still availableonly for application developers. Microsoft wants to get feedback and fix the app before it's made available for free as part of the Office suite.

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