Multiplayer will return to each of the Dark Souls on PC one by one

Trilogy servers Dark souls out of service for over four months. Multiplayer has been disabled after discovery

serious miscalculation in the network code. Kept in touch with fans all this time Bandai Namco, assuring that work on updating is actively underway. Finally, we heard the news from the FromSoftware.

According to her, the team is working on restoring servers for the PC version of the game. “We plan to return online services to any game gradually. Servers for Dark souls turn on as soon as we complete the necessary manipulations to fix the problem, ”said the representative FromSoftware portal PC Gamer.

It is not clear when everything will return to normal.The studio promises to give out a lot of information when it makes a complete schedule for the restoration of the servers. Judging by the last mention of the third part, perhaps she can be the first to get the multiplayer back, and then he will return to the first Dark souls.

Recall that the vulnerability in the code was discovered by the so-called “white hat hackers”. The loophole allowed attackers to gain access to the victim's computer and steal personal data from there.

Photo: From Software