Muslims boycott MTS for insulting Islam

After the release of the new Russian TV series "My Mom's Penguins", which premiered on October 6 at

At the online cinema Kion, owned by MTS, many Muslim bloggers have boycotted the company.

According to bloggers, in the first episode, the main character of the series appears in a comedy show, discussing the topic of religion. In his speech, he jokes about God and ridicules Islamic values.

After what they saw, many Muslim bloggersurged to boycott MTS, not to use the company's services and switch to other telecom operators. Corresponding calls and comments have appeared on Instagram, TikTok and other social networks.

Bloggers urge not only to write negative comments about MTS, but also break satellite dishes and SIM cards issued under the operator's brand.

Time will tell whether the boycott will gain more strength, butNow on one of the largest Muslim Youtube channels in Russia, Alif TV, a video about the boycott of MTS has received almost 306 thousand views and 3853 comments. 653 posts were posted on the Instagram social network under the hashtag #boykotmts. One way or another, there is a sense of the scale of the reaction to the topics raised in the series.

Some social media users even suspected that the conflict was an artificial marketing campaign by MTS aimed at increasing SIM card sales in regions with a Muslim population.

Source: Alif TV