MWC 2020 may be canceled, the largest companies refuse to participate

The largest event in the world of electronics and mobile devices, which takes place annually in Barcelona - MWC

2020 may not take place at all. The fact is that a number of serious companies that were supposed to participate in the exhibition withdrew their participation due to problems associated with the outbreak of the deadly virus in the Middle Kingdom.

The organizer of the exhibition - GSMA assures thatAdopts and will use its best efforts for safety and will strengthen safety measures. The area of ​​disinfestation will be increased, including all food areas, all surfaces, door handles, handrails, all bathrooms and so on will be constantly disinfected. Medical support will be increased several times. Additional signs with a warning about a possible threat will be displayed. Handshakes at the event will become optional.

Not for all

In addition, the organizers said that all whoarriving from Hubei (this is the province where the outbreak of the coronavirus occurred), they will not be allowed to the event. Moreover, all participants and guests who were in China this year will have to show evidence that at least two weeks have passed since leaving China. The temperature of all people will also be screened. Of course, they will call on everyone who has contacted those infected to notify about this on their own.

Who has already refused

One of the largest brands already abandonedfrom participating in the exhibition is Amazon. The company said that they were concerned about the still remaining danger to the health of employees and guests, and therefore withdrew their participation.

Also a disclaimer to participate inexhibition published telecommunications giant Ericsson. The company called liability for its employees and guests of WMC the only reason for the refusal. But they’re not going to just sit out instead of participating in the exhibition, they will arrange their events, such as Ericsson Unboxed. There will be fewer people, but closer to their customers. However, so far the company has not announced the dates of their own events at which they will announce their new products.

Korean company LG published a press release inwhich announced that in view of the turbulent situation surrounding the new virus in China, company employees expressed concern about participating in the exhibition. Therefore, the company decided to withdraw its application. LG noted that it is not worth exposing the health and lives of hundreds of employees to danger. The company said that plans for announcements and presentations of its new products will be developed, and will be published some time later. At this exhibition, it was assumed that the company will show the G9 ThinQ - a smartphone with two displays.

Another technology giant, nowsilicon - Nvidia, which is the world leader in graphics chip manufacturing. The company also announced the withdrawal of applications for participation in the exhibition. In their statement, they informed the organizers that they did not intend to send their employees, since there are risks to people's lives. The company sees its main task now as ensuring security for its employees, colleagues, and customers. At this exhibition, Nvidia was going to present its developments in the field of AI, fifth-generation mobile networks and vRAN.

Also, the Chinese will not come to the exhibitionZTE manufacturer, especially since a number of company employees were not even able to get visas. In such circumstances, it is better not to create additional complications, and wait until everything settles down. However, the company did not abandon its stand, without the main employees the stand will be supported by colleagues from other countries.