Mysterious deaths of people in Devil's gorge explained by algae bloom

On a trail in California's Sierra National Forest called Devil's Gorge, rangers discovered

the bodies of a family of three and their dogs.The authorities were unable to explain what had happened. Scientists from the University of Arizona conducted a study and found out the cause of their death. Blooming algae are to blame for everything.

“I've worked in various positions, but I've never seen such a death,” the county sheriff told the press.

It turns out that the family could beexposure to poison more dangerous than nerve gas - toxic algae. Experts from the University of Arizona claim that the CIA is using it in pills to self-destruct agents who have been captured by the enemy. Earlier, a massive bloom of toxic algae led to the evacuation of several cities on the Italian coast, and also caused the mass death of African elephants, scientists said.

Last month, representatives of the Sierra National Forest announced that they had found "a high concentration of algal blooms" in the Merced River.

As noted by Taylor Weiss, associate professor at the universityArizona, algal blooms and toxins are a natural process. Problems begin when there are too many algae (and thus toxins).

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