Named a replacement for F-35 fighters in the United States

The American media analyzed the situation with the procurement of F-35 fighters. They

suggested that if the current situation cannot be improved, these aircraft will replace the NGAD (Next-Generation Air Dominance) fighters.

Translation of American material published"Military Review". Journalists believe that the US Air Force (Air Force) will not be able to purchase enough F-35 fighters annually to bring their number to the required number by 2025. In addition, it is expensive to keep so many aircraft operational. It is reported that the Pentagon lacks even $ 800 billion for this.

“If nothing can be improved in the currentsituation, the place of Lightning II will be taken by another aircraft - a product of the NGAD (Next-Generation Air Dominance) program, ”the media write with reference to the head of the US Air Force procurement service Will Roper.

True, the US doubts that the replacement of the F-35 with NGAD can happen in the medium term.

It is noted that the high cost of maintenanceThe F-35A could lead to the fact that the United States will not be able to confront China - there will not be enough fighters. The aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin should reduce the cost of the F-35.