Named a situation in which it is worth changing the phone number

The edition "Prime" published a material in which the associate professor of the Department of Informatics of the PRUE. Plekhanov

Alexander Timofeev spoke about a good reason to change the phone number.

So, according to the expert, it is worth changing the number whengetting into a situation where they start using a personal phone number. You can suspect this if the number got into the mailing list, which is hinted at by calls with advertisements, calls from robots and other spam. Timofeev noted that the phone can be mistakenly left in the ad or in the profile.

”In these cases, if you cannot get rid ofannoying calls or sms-mailings, and blocking also does not help, then feel free to change the number to a new one or get a second one, better than eSIM, ”Timofeev shared.

The expert also said that you can get into this situation because of the previous owner of the phone number. In this case, the phone may receive calls from the bank or from the collectors.