Named cities that began to sink imperceptibly

A group of scientists conducted a recent study that showed - vast coastal cities in South and

Southeast Asia is quietly sinking faster than anywhere else in the world.

At the same time, experts separately turn their attention to the fact that as a result of this, tens of millions of people become even more vulnerable to sea level rise.

They see the reason for what is happening in the fact that rapid urbanization has led to too active consumption of groundwater by several cities.

Thus, the most densely populated urban centerVietnam and the main business center, Ho Chi Minh City, is sinking faster than 48 major coastal cities around the world. In second place on the list is the southern Bangladeshi port of Chittagong, while the Indian city of Ahmedabad, the Indonesian capital Jakarta and Myanmar's commercial center Yangon are in third, fourth and fifth places, respectively.

Recall that the Intergovernmental GroupUN climate change experts have previously said that by 2050 more than a billion people will live in coastal cities at risk of sea level rise.