Named dangerous for the Russians online services

Today we are moving more and more cases from offline to online. This also applies to various services.

But which of them can be fraught with danger? Sergey Kuzmenko, a specialist in testing digital products of the Center for Digital Expertise of Roskachestvo, spoke about this.

According to the expert, it is most likely to bea victim of scammers in case of using online banking. Despite the rather high reliability of the system, users should adhere to safety rules.

Fraudsters use social engineering techniques toschemes of deception by phone and in messages - SMS, e-mail, instant messengers, and thus extract confidential data from gullible and naive citizens. Sergey Kuzmenko

At the same time, online payment for purchases is no less popular with scammers. For example, attackers can replicate the site of some store with sufficient quality by making their copy phishing.

As a result, the victim will enter his card details there and the scammers will get access to his funds.