Named nut useful for lowering cholesterol and normalizing blood pressure

Endocrinologist Alena Barredo spoke about nut useful for daily use. It's about pistachios,

which help lower cholesterol and normalize blood pressure.

So, according to a specialist, this nutcontains polyunsaturated fatty acids, thanks to which cholesterol is reduced. Among other things, pistachios are rich in various vitamins, namely A and E, useful for immunity, vision and preservation of youthful skin.

This nut was also useful in view of the magnesium in the composition. This element, in turn, helps to cope with stress and is useful for normalizing blood pressure.

“These nuts are a good source of protein, so pistachios are recommended for deficiencies and weight loss,” Barredo said.

At the same time, the doctor noted that pistachiosare a high-calorie product, so you need to eat them in moderation. In addition, some people are completely contraindicated to use them - we are talking about those suffering from dysfunction of the pancreas.

News stories cannot be equated with a doctor's prescription. Before making a decision, consult a specialist.

Source: RIA Novosti