Named the reason for the suspension of the free version of Midjourney

Midjourney Research Lab has suspended free software trials for

creating images after users created realistic deepfakes, including the arrest of former US President Donald Trump and Pope Francis in a down jacket.

The images created using the artificial intelligence platform, especially the images of Trump and the pontiff that have gone viral, have drawn attention to the San Francisco lab.

These images of Pope Francis in a down jacket are fake and created by artificial intelligence.
Photo: r/midjourney subreddit

“Due to a combination of extreme demand andFor trial abuse, we are temporarily disabling free trials until we have the following system enhancements rolled out,” David Holtz, founder of Midjourney, said this week in a company Discord post.

The service creates realistic images based onwritten user requests. It was launched in test mode in mid-2022, and the software was constantly updated by an independent laboratory. Users have praised the recently released version of Midjourney for the improved realism of the generated images.

Along with suspending new free trials, Midjourney banned the use of certain words such as "arrest" to suggest image creation.

Billionaire mogul and Twitter owner Elon Musk andseveral experts called for a pause in the development of powerful artificial intelligence systems to give time to make sure they are safe. The open letter, signed by more than 1,000 people to date, including Musk and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, comes after the release of the Microsoft-backed OpenAI AI platform GPT-4.

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Cover image: Pope Francis in a down jacket is fake and created by artificial intelligence
Photo: r/midjourney subreddit