Named the release date and one of the main features of the AirPods 3

The second generation of Apple AirPods wireless headphones turned out to be of little interest to the mobile community.

Dramatic changes in the accessory, forWith the exception of the ability to charge the case wirelessly, we did not find it. Therefore, many were in no hurry to upgrade their first AirPods to the second. It is possible that the third generation will be more successful in this regard.

AirPods 3 Exit

One of the analysts received interesting information regarding the release date of AirPods 3 and one of the key features of the gadget. Let's start with the release date.

According to the analyst, the new Apple AirPods 3 will bereleased just in time for the end of 2019, on the eve of the New Year holidays for the holiday shopping season. And unlike the two previous versions, this model will receive some changes in the design.

By the way, Mark Gourman from Bloomberg first toldApple's plans to develop new AirPods. In February 2018, he said that Apple is working on new AirPods with Hey Siri support, which will be launched in March 2019. In June 2018, he announced that Apple was working on another pair of AirPods, which would receive water protection and noise reduction.

That's what waterproofing is calledone of the key features of the new AirPods 3. At least this is the information the second analyst gives us. Let's remember that the first and second generations of Apple's wireless headphones did not have an IP rating for protection against water or dust.

Note that in April, an authoritative analystMing-Chi Kuo said that the two new AirPods are likely to start mass production from the fourth quarter of 2019 to the first quarter of 2020, with one of the new models having a “completely new design” and a “higher price” than the second generation AirPods.

Taiwan's DigiTimes website also expects third-generation Noise Reduction AirPods to launch by the end of the year.

At least we already know what we can count on. On our resource you can also find a selection of excellent wireless headphones in 2019.