NASA asks users to find all the boulders on the surface of Bennu asteroid

In early May, OSIRIS-REx will produce the first detailed map of Bennu, and the mission team will only have six weeks to

select a suitable location for landing the probe.

The NASA report notes that the mission team will not be able to find all the large boulders that occupy almost the entire surface of Bennu for the safe landing of OSIRIS-REx.

The task of mapping every single boulder onthe surface of the asteroid is really large-scale, and, frankly speaking, we simply did not find another way to do it in the time we have. We really need help.

Astronomer Carina Bennett

A snapshot of the Bennu surface and an interactive map will appear on NASA’s website in early May 2019.


Previously, Hi-Tech spoke in detail about the OSIRIS-REx mission to the asteroid Bennu, which is the first candidate for a collision with Earth in the future.