NASA CEO Jim Brydenstein: The first man on Mars is likely to be a woman

Brydenstein did not specify why NASA is more likely to send a woman to Mars and the Moon rather than

man since it was the answer toposted on Twitter question from radio station listeners. According to the transfer rules, the answers to such questions are in a blitz format, so Brydenstein had only 30 seconds to answer.

The NASA director added: the mission to the moon is being prepared so thoroughly that the agency plans to build a large colony on the satellite in the coming years.

We are no longer going to leave flags and footprints.on the moon and go back there for another 50 years. This time we will stay there, so we need commercial international partners, we need missiles that could be used many times, like any element necessary to create such an infrastructure.

NASA CEO Jim Brydenstein


It is planned that two women will immediately go into outer space in 2019 - American astronauts Anne McClain and Christina Cook. Previously, a maximum of one woman went out into space for a year.