NASA created a program that lets you hear how your voice will sound on Mars

The Perseverance rover and the data it collected about the Martian atmosphere and how sounds propagate in it,

helped NASA create a program that converts the voice to "Martian".

How it works?

This service allows you to hear how it soundedwould be your voice on the red planet. To do this, you need to record any phrase, after which the program will do its job and present a recording of the already modified voice.

According to scientists, cardinal changes are not to be expectedworth: you get a quieter and more subdued version of what is heard on Earth. “It's comforting to know that if you were on Mars, you might still sound very much like yourself. But some sounds that we are used to on Earth, such as whistling or birdsong, are almost inaudible on Mars, ”said NASA.

Nevertheless, you must admit that it is interesting to feel like the inhabitants of another planet.

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