NASA experts called unrealistic the agency’s plans to send a man to Mars by 2033

In early April, NASA CEO Jim Brydenstein said that the agency intends to send a man to

The moon - the mission will allow you to experience technologyrequired for a manned flight and landing on Mars in 2033. According to Brydenstein, the journey to the Red Planet will take about two years - during this time, astronauts have to overcome about 53 million km.

According to experts, sending a man to Mars by the deadline will require effort, cost and political will, commensurate with the mission to the moon in the 1960s.

While the main efforts of NASA are focused on landing a man on the moon, so the opportunity for a flight to Mars will not appear until 2040.

NASA completed the Mars Habitat Challenge international competition, in which participants had to present the best concepts for creating Martian colonies.