NASA has published a list of experimental missions that will be sent to the moon in 2019. Among them are geological robots and a beacon for satellites.

NASA has set the return of man to the Moon as one of its main goals in the coming years.

To this end, NASA has entered into an agreement with nine of the largest private space companies to deliver its equipment into orbit and the surface of the Moon in the coming years.

Among the equipment that will be sent toThe moon in the near future - Solar Cell platform for testing advanced solar cells, including for long-range space flights, navigation beacon Lunar Node 1 - with its help, spacecraft in the Moon’s orbit can move without fear of colliding with each other, radiation meter LETS , robots-geologists NIVSS and NSSANM, magnetometer, radio antenna and several cameras.

These devices will become a kind of trial ballwhich will help us build the infrastructure for delivering scientific missions to the moon, using the resources of private companies. We plan to hold such contests every year.

Deputy Director of NASA Science, Steve Clark

As part of the moon study, NASA will be in the next 10years to send an unlimited number of landing modules and rovers on its surface. According to the contract, the cost of shipping and their content should not exceed $ 2.6 billion.