NASA has published a video panorama of Mars, made by Curiosity from the ridge of Vera Rubin

The Curiosity rover descended from the Vera Rubin Ridge, which is located on Mount Aeolis, the central peak of

Martian Gale Crater. The rover conducted research on it for more than a year and took a video panorama before it stopped drilling.

Curiosity landed in Gale Crater back in 2012year Since then, he began to conduct geological and chemical examinations of the soil of Mars, which is why the rover was sent to this giant crater. It is clearly visible deep layers of soil, and the lack of erosion and water does not destroy it.

Recently, the device was switched to backup batteries,This will allow the device to work a few more years on the surface of Mars. The other device, the Opportunity rover, has been unavailable for almost half a year - after a powerful dust storm on Mars. NASA will continue to attempt to contact Opportunity at least until the end of January 2019 - perhaps the rover accumulates energy.

Earlier, Curiosity discovered an unusual on Marsbrilliant and smooth stone, like a piece of gold. NASA has already named it Little Colonsay - in honor of a small island near Scotland. This is probably a meteorite, but this can be seen only after a chemical analysis.