NASA is going to look for extraterrestrial civilizations for signs of pollution

A team of NASA researchers decided to take a "smart" approach to finding extraterrestrial civilizations - scan

exoplanets for signs of air pollution.

Nitrogen dioxide and greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphereindicate human activity. So one could look for the same signs on other planets. In a new study by scientists, nitrogen dioxide was first proposed as a sign of an advanced extraterrestrial civilization. Nitrogen dioxide is a byproduct of burning fossil fuels in power plants or car engines.

"Therefore, the observation (approx. Nitrogen dioxide) on a habitable planet could potentially indicate the presence of an industrialized civilization," - said NASA scientists.

There is one problem here.On many planets, nitrogen dioxide can be of a completely natural origin - for example, due to volcanic activity. Therefore, scientists will have to measure the amount of nitrogen dioxide and carry out simulations.