NASA is preparing for a hypothetical collision of the Earth with an asteroid

Although it is unlikely that a meteorite will strike the planet, scientists from NASA and FEMA believe that it is possible

exists and plans to develop exercises to better prepare for a potential event.

The exercise will take place within the framework of the Conferenceplanetary defense in 2019, where country representatives will be tasked with developing a response plan for a hypothetical asteroid. The conference organizers invented an asteroid, which they called the PDC - it would supposedly threaten Earth. Event participants will develop measures against it.

Harvard astronomers are confident that an interstellar asteroid fell to Earth 5 years ago. Almost like 'Oumuamua!

According to the conference website, fictionalthe asteroid was “discovered” on March 26 at a close distance from Earth. The asteroid was visible for only a few days, so astronomers could not accurately determine its orbit. The only thing they can determine is that the PDC will be as close as possible to the planet in 2027.

This situation will be proposed by the participants,when they arrive at the conference, and it is up to them how to proceed. The purpose of the event is  provide an opportunity for professionals from a wide range of fields, such as astronomy and disaster management, to interact with each other and practice working as a team. In particular, it gives scientific institutions such as NASA insight into what details are important to disaster management teams.