NASA launches eco-fueled Lunar Flashlight device into space to search for water on the Moon

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is studying

The moons are not only part of the Artemis program worth more than $90 billion.

What is known

The federal agency will send into spacea device called Lunar Flashlight. This is a small-sized device, the purpose of which is to search for water on a natural satellite of our planet. To do this, it is equipped with lasers that emit infrared light.

The launch of Lunar Flashlight will take place on November 30th.The device will be launched into a halo orbit to save fuel, in which specialists were limited due to the compact size of the satellite. The maximum distance between the Moon and the lantern will be 70,000 km, and the minimum distance will be 15 km.

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It is at an altitude of 15 km Lunar Flashlight willlocated above the South Pole, where, as scientists suggest, the largest deposits of ice are stored. Another feature of the device is that it will be the first space device to use a new type of environmentally friendly fuel. Moreover, its testing is no less important task than the search for ice.

As we already wrote, Lunar Flashlight is equippedlasers. The regolith will reflect infrared light and the ice will absorb it. The stronger the absorption, the more ice is on the surface of the moon. Representatives of the space agency say that this method of searching for ice on the moon will be used for the first time.