NASA officially lost the Opportunity Rover. The device has explored Mars for over 15 years.

Scientists tried to establish communication with a rover that failed as a result of a severe dust storm on Mars

Opportunity since mid-June, but attempts have led nowhere.

At the time of the start of the storm, the rover was inPerseverance Valley. At the same time, Opportunity was already experiencing one dust storm, but a much smaller size. This year, its size exceeded the area of ​​Russia and all of North America combined, and dust clouds reached a height of 60 km.

For over ten years, Opportunity has beena leader in planetary exploration, telling us about Mars' ancient past as a wet, potentially habitable planet and showing us uncharted Martian landscapes.

Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA Assistant Administrator for Science

Previously, "Hightech" wrote about the dust storm on Mars andthat she could seriously damage the Opportunity. In 2012, NASA lost the Spirit rover on the planet - the rover was completely covered with sand, and then the air temperature dropped below 40 ° C.