NASA revealed a new supercomputer for lunar computing

The US National Aerospace Agency showed the public its new supercomputer for

Moon landing calculations. According to them, it has become more environmentally friendly, more powerful and energy efficient.

What it is

Aitken (that's what they called the "space" novelty)located at Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley. It is built on a modular scheme, which consumes less electricity than conventional systems, and now scientists can make calculations much faster.

New supercomputer has theoretical powerat 3.69 petaflops and can store up to 221 terabytes of data. It is equipped with 46,080 cores and is powered by the HPE SGI 8600 system, running on Intel Xeon processors. He uses Mellanox InfiniBand to work on networks.

Is it very hot?

External air is used for cooling.special fans and water cooling system. And this is only the first of the planned 16 modules that are easy to construct and can be used for both computing and data storage.

For whom

Despite the fact that the machine will be used1,500 scientists across the country (including developing a more efficient quadrocopter and simulating the inner surface of the sun), the main work of Aitken will remain to simulate the approach, approach and landing on the moon for the Artemis project.