NASA showed how they drill Mars directly from home

Scientists had to adapt to work without special equipment - for example, without 3D glasses, which they

commonly used for image analysis withMars. These devices only work with more powerful computers that cannot be transported home. Therefore, the team used simpler 3D glasses, which also allow you to plan the route of movement of the rover.

“Fortunately, we already had someinfrastructure, because we work with scientists from all over the world, and we had devices for telecommunications. They underwent experimental tests before NASA had to close, ”the scientists said.

NASA revealed the Ingenuity Martian helicopter. He will go to Mars this year!

So the researchers were able to drill the Martian rock - the researchers plan to continue the experiments, despite the pandemic. They will also study the results of drilling from home.

NASA, along with many other companies onaround the world, was forced to close their offices during the coronavirus pandemic. For engineers and scientists working in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), responsible for managing the Curiosity Mars rover, they suggested setting up the system in a few days at home.