NASA showed what the front line in Ukraine looks like from space: HIMARS tried for a beautiful picture

The NASA space agency has published photos of the front line in Ukraine taken from space.

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National Aeronautics Administration andspace exploration using the FIRMS system was able to capture the hottest spots on the front. The areas engulfed in fire were recorded by satellites that monitor the centers of large fires.

The photographs indicate the main foci,concentrated in the south of Ukraine (Nikolaev and Kherson regions) and in the east (Lugansk, Donetsk and Kharkov regions). It should be noted that the number of fires on the front line and in the temporarily occupied territory increased significantly after the Armed Forces of Ukraine received HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems.

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More than two were destroyed within two weeks.dozens of warehouses with ammunition of the Russian army. Almost every morning, the media report on strikes on military targets of the occupiers in the Donetsk, Lugansk and Kherson regions. For example, on the morning of July 10, a missile attack was launched on a military unit in Kherson.

Source: FIRMS

For those who want to know more:

  • A beautiful video has been published of how the M777, HIMARS and Javelin destroy Russian tanks, ammunition depots and military bases
  • In July, Canada will send LAV II ACSV armored vehicles with 7.62-mm machine guns to Ukraine
  • US senators call for long-range missiles for HIMARS to be sent to Ukraine
  • The Ukrainian “Army of Drones” sent the first drones DJI Mavic and DJI Phantom to the front
  • The Ukrainian military themselves created a kamikaze drone, without waiting for the delivery of the MQ-1C Gray Eagle