NASA: SpaceX Crew Dragon exploded during landing due to non-working parachutes

Crew Dragon - one of the ships, which was created in the framework of the NASA program for the development of spacecraft

private companies. It can accommodate from four to seven people, but on the test launch inside the ship there are no passengers.

SpaceX is conducting a Crew Dragon test forpreparing the device for sending NASA astronauts to and from the International Space Station as part of the space crew’s commercial crew creation program.

On May 3, it became known that SpaceX lost Crew Dragon as a result of the accident two and a half months before the first planned flight of the spacecraft to the ISS.

Now it became known about another accident CrewDragon Last month, a ship was tested on a dry lake Delamar in Nevada. The capsule was dropped from a great height, landing was to be made successfully thanks to the parachute system.

During the tests tested the possibility of landing on three of the four existing parachutes. It turned out that the three parachutes did not allow the capsule to sit down successfully and it was badly damaged.

It is not clear what is connected with such an accident. It is not clear how this will affect the first flight of the ship from SpaceX and whether it will take place now at all.