NASA to launch COSI telescope to search for antimatter in 2025

The launch of the COSI gamma-ray space telescope is scheduled for 2025.

Its task is to look for soft gamma rays with

intensity from 0.2 to 5 MeV (millionelectron-will). Gamma-ray bursts with such energy appear during the annihilation of positrons and electrons, as well as during the synthesis of elements or nucleosynthesis, and during the formation of heavy elements during supernova explosions.

NASA will send COSI to study these phenomena in the Galaxy in order to understand and study the physical processes in the Universe.

COSI development cost - from $ 145 million.Scientists from the University of California at Berkeley will supervise the work. Earlier, the staff of this university in 2016 raised a prototype of a hot-air balloon telescope into the stratosphere to test its work.

In 2025, the gamma-ray telescope will be launched into low-earth orbit, after which it will begin its work on data transmission.

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