NASA to live stream total lunar eclipse from around the world

The first lunar eclipse of the year will begin, according to, on May 16 at 1:32 GMT (4:32 Moscow time), will reach its maximum at 4:11 GMT (07:11 Moscow time) and end at 06:50 GMT (9:50 Moscow time).

This eclipse can best be observed inSouth America and the east coast of North America. It will be practically impossible to see it on the territory of Russia, only in the southwestern regions of the country before the sunset of the moon it will be possible to see the beginning of the penumbral phase of the eclipse. But even there, the satellite will disappear below the horizon before the beginning of the partial eclipse.

The researchers note that this time the lunar eclipse coincides with the supermoon: the Earth's satellite is in perigee, the point of its orbit closest to the Earth.

NASA will begin broadcasting the lunar eclipse from the US to6:00 Moscow time. But in order to most fully present the picture of the eclipse, viewers are offered to watch the Moon from different points. For example, from Italy or the Basque Country in Spain.

NASA Broadcast

Location: various locations

Broadcast start: 06:00 Moscow time service broadcast

Location: USA, Canada, Chile

Broadcast start: 04:00 Moscow time

Broadcast Sociedad Astronómica de Álava

Location: Basque Country, Spain

Broadcast start: 04:30 Moscow time

Broadcast of the Virtual Telescope project

Location: Rome, Italy

Broadcast start: 05:15 Moscow time

Arizona Astronomical Association Broadcast

Location: Arizona, USA

Broadcast start: 06:00 Moscow time

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