NASA wants to use the sun to search for aliens - already allocated $ 2 million

It seems that NASA has found an unusual way to use the only star in the solar system.

What is known

Jet Propulsion Laboratory specialistslaunched a new project that proposes using the Sun as a giant lens in order to look into the distant corners of space. The goal is to search for alien life.

National Aeronautics Administration andSpace exploration has already allocated $ 2 million for the project. Scientists want to use several relatively compact satellites that will autonomously gather at the point of the solar gravitational lens.

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The exoplanet chosen as the target will beemit light, and the Sun can amplify it, giving satellites the ability to see further than the new James Webb Space Telescope. Note that the distance to the point will be 1000 times greater than the distance between the Earth and the Sun.

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