NASA will update Hubble software to take it out of safe mode

The Hubble rebuilding team is currently examining the hardware,

which controls devices and is part ofscientific instrument control and data processing unit, the agency said in an update. The famous space telescope has not made scientific observations since its instruments went into safe mode in late October.

“In particular, the team is analyzing the block diagramcontrol, which generates synchronization messages and transmits them to instruments, "- said NASA. The agency is considering modifying the instruments' flight software to allow them to search for data synchronization messages without going into safe mode. They speculate that this may have been the cause of the crash.

Hubble has been operating in space since 1990 andThe last time it was repaired in 2009, on October 25, after a failure, the device went into safe mode and cannot conduct observations. All instruments are working, but the researchers have stopped receiving data from the Hubble.

Hubble went into safe mode: NASA cannot understand the cause of the failure

First, NASA isolated the problem atequipment and began to investigate errors that interfere with the transmission of time data, due to which the instruments cannot respond to requests from the Earth. According to one theory, scientists want to add insignificant data into the software that will help restore communication and compensate for those messages that were lost. First, this method will be tested on a ground simulator to avoid another mistake.

To find out more information, the team includedone of the telescope's old scientific instruments is the near infrared camera and multi-object spectrometer (NICMOS), which will allow them to collect data on the problem. This old camera has been replaced by a newer wide-angle camera and hasn't been used since 2010, so the team can use it to gather more information about the issue without compromising active tools.

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