Natural glass age of 30 million years appeared in the Libyan desert as a result of the fall of meteorites

The glass of the Libyan desert is a natural glass found in the eastern parts of the Sahara desert, in

eastern part of Libya and in western Egypt. Glass has a rare yellow color and has a very high density.

Previously, scientists considered two hypotheses of the emergence of this type of glass - as a result of the explosion of a meteorite in the air or hitting the Earth.

Now researchers have confirmed the second hypothesis: An analysis of the glass of the Libyan Desert showed that it contains traces of reidite, a mineral that is formed only at high pressure. The pressure necessary for this could only arise from a shock wave resulting from the fall of a meteorite to Earth.

Earlier, associate professor of the Siberian Federal University Gennady Shvedov discovered a new mineral with a high nickel content - ognitit.