Navitel Power Controller

A device that will continue to supply power to the recorder, navigator, smartphone and

any other device even after turning it offcar ignition. Delay off the recorder is no longer a problem. You can set the required sleep timer and implement your own security and video recording system. But here it all depends on your imagination and tasks. Navitel Smart Box Max expands the capabilities of the car's on-board network, and this tool is easy to work with! We describe the capabilities of the power controller in our review today.

Power Off Delay

The idea of ​​a permanent DVR in a carvisited me almost immediately after buying a car. I wanted to use the device to the maximum, not only in traffic or in parking mode, but also during parking. But, unfortunately, having studied several posts on the network, I realized that it’s impossible to do without the intervention of an electrician. It was necessary to somehow bypass the ignition off or power the recorder directly from the battery. And this was all over, there were simply no ready-made solutions on the market.

Now the solution is found in the person of Navitel Smart Box Max. The power controller can supply voltage directly from the battery, bypassing the vehicle’s network. There is sleep timer (6, 12, 18 and 24 hours) and battery voltage control, which prevent battery discharge. Generally what you need!

How to connect

The power controller has long wires, theyDesigned to connect directly to the car’s battery. This will puzzle many, because 90% of motorists are ordinary users and what does not fit into the cigarette lighter immediately raises a lot of questions. No panic, everything is simple!

3 wires come out of the device:

  • yellow (B +) - it connects to the positive terminal of the battery, it also has a fuse
  • black is fixed to the mass of the car (body)
  • red (ACC) - connects to the circuit into which power is supplied after the ignition is turned on (for example, to a radio block)

If you doubt your abilityinstallation of Navitel Smart Box Max, then just contact your electrician. For such a setup, he will definitely take a little money, only 15 minutes to do. The controller itself is most reasonable to place in an inconspicuous place, but at the same time accessible for configuration. We hide the wire going to the DVR under the skin of the passenger compartment.


The Navitel Smart Box Max package includes the controller itself, miniUSB to microUSB adapter, 2 A spare fuses (2 pcs.), User manual and warranty card.

Modes of operation

The power-off timer has 6 operating modes (they are switched by the Mode button):

  • indicators do not light - the controller is off, the power is working in standard mode
  • indicator 6/12/18/24 hours (s) - after turning off the ignition, the power supply will stop after a specified number of hours
  • 4 indicators light at the same time - constant power supply mode with battery and discharge protection (if the voltage in the car's on-board network drops below 12.1 V (0.2 V error).)
  • 4 indicators flash in turn - the controller is connected incorrectly

In work

When the controller is connected correctly, the delayshutdown works like a clock, everything is in normal mode, without failures. It copes with its task 100%. For the implementation of the video surveillance system in the parking lot with the help of a registrar, it is excellent. Official product page.