Neffos X20 Pro: review of the hard worker

Today, the low-end segment receives technologies that only flagship companies could afford

models.The frameless design with a large diagonal will surprise few people, ample communication capabilities, modern standards such as LTE and WiFi6 are already becoming standard features in the price category up to two hundred dollars and much more. The new X20 Pro smartphone from Neffos TP-Link, in addition to all this, received an additional proprietary feature. At the same time, the price tag for the device is not at all flagship. Let's look at what the new mid-range product can offer the buyer.


The smartphone received a display diagonal of 6.2 inches, the picture is bright, contrast and juicy. On this screen, the videos look great, as well as comfortably do Internet surfing. The widescreen screen for videos is just that. Resolution IPS matrix HD + with a pixel density of 268 ppi. The parameters are not top-end, but it allows you to save energy, while the human eye practically does not notice the difference between 200 and 300 ppi, everything looks good and comfortable for the eyes. Your computer monitor, which you look at for several hours in a row, rarely reaches 200 ppi, and no one complains.

It is possible to adjust the color temperature,set the filtering of the harmful spectrum, there is a function to protect vision. The latter works either always if you set it, or at a certain time, which is also set by the user. At the top of the screen is a drop-shaped cutout for a selfie camera, which can be hidden under a black strip.

Photo opportunities

The manufacturer has installed a dual module here.main camera so that photos can have a bokeh effect. The shooting quality is quite decent, you can feel free to upload photos to social networks. But you should not expect quality like the flagship models, in low light conditions noise appears and detail drops. Video shooting is also of good quality, especially when you consider that the smartphone is budget. There are a few problems with autofocus, there is no optical stabilization, so it’s unlikely that the picture will be smooth, unless you shoot everything from a tripod or a special device with a stabilizer.

Autonomy: day without outlet

The convenience of using a smartphone is largelydepends on the capacity of its battery, a situation where after a half-hour surfing on sites and social networks, the smartphone is exhausted, instantly kills all the charm of even the most beautiful and powerful device. X20 Pro received a 4100 mAh battery, which allows the smartphone to easily last a full day without recharging. The operation scenario is completely uneconomical: two hours listening to music with wireless headphones, an hour or a little more watching an episode of the series, an hour to play games that are not very demanding on graphics and regular viewing and chatting in instant messengers. Charging from a 5-watt adapter takes three hours, if you use more powerful charging, then in half an hour the device gains half the energy balance.


The processor Helio P22 fromMediaTek, today it is one of the most common chipsets in the budget segment. Processor performance is enough to play modern undemanding games, everyday tasks are all solved, there is no such application that would not pull the X20 Pro. The interface works quickly and smoothly, no problems were noticed. A set of wireless interfaces is standard for 2019, including fifth-generation Bluetooth and an LTE modem, only the NFC model was not delivered. However, in the Middle Kingdom this module is not used at all, where payment is made using a QR code.

But there’s a proprietary utility for WLAN,which allows you to quickly and easily connect other devices to your home WiFi network using a QR code. At the same time, the smartphone itself can perform the functions of a repeater, expanding the network range, increasing the radius of the grid and the number of connected devices. Communication is stable and practically without loss of speed.


Yes, the X20 Pro is not a gaming machine, it is rather forwork. Of course, no one forbids playing, but the main functions are everyday tasks - instant messengers, social networks, sites, movies and so on. In addition, it can easily be used as an office router when an urgent need arose.

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