The “Money Heist” event based on the Netflix series has started in Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft continues to experiment with limited-time events in Rainbow Six Siege and has launched an event

in collaboration with Netflix.

What is known

"Paper Heist" is dedicated to the Spanish film of the same name.crime drama (The House of Paper), which follows a gang of robbers. After success in its homeland, the rights to the series were bought by Netflix and are now broadcasting it throughout the world. Apparently, Ubisoft decided that the theme was appropriate for Rainbow Six Siege and launched a gaming event.

As part of the event, players will look at the variation"Hostage" mode on the Bank map. Hostages in this mode will be dressed in the famous red suit and iconic mask worn by the robbers and their captives in Money Heist. Two game operators Vigil and Hibana will also receive red jumpsuits and masks.

The event will take place from November 20 to November 25, andFrom November 21 to November 25, Rainbow Six Siege will be temporarily free. Also during this period, “Siege” will be available with a discount of up to 70%, depending on the platform and version.

During the event, new sets will appear in the store:

  • The Hibana Heist Pack includes the Red Jumpsuit Uniform, Courage Element, Tokyo Badge, and Premium Skin for TYPE-89.
  • The Vigil Accomplice Pack includes the Red Jumpsuit Uniform, Nameless Item, Surrealism Pin, and New Paper Skin for K1A.

Exclusive packs cost 1,680 R6 Credits.

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