Netflix revealed the release date of The Witcher series, but quickly regretted it

Fans of the Witcher universe have already been waiting for the series from Netflix, the official release date of which is still

unknown. However, yesterday the service employees spilled the beans and quickly regretted it.

What is known

According to the Redanian Intelligence website, 11September, the official Netflix account on Facebook published a post with the number of days until the series premieres. Besides The Crown and The End of the F***ing World, The Witcher, which is due out in 97 days, also made the list. Considering that the publication was published on September 11, we will see the series on December 17, 2019.

According to the classics, the post was deleted, but the Internet rememberseveryone, and Redanian Intelligence managed to take a screenshot. Perhaps the publication was sent to the trash due to incorrect information, but often such announcements are published by mistake ahead of time.

The leak is confirmed by the words of Netflix Content Director Ted Sarandso. In April, he spoke to investors, saying that the series based on the Witcher universe would be released in the fourth quarter of 2019.