Netflix's first estimates of The Witcher Series: Gaddy for fans of the universe

The “The Witcher” series from Netflix finally got to the release. Journalists managed to see the picture earlier

the others were told whether it is worth spending time and money on adaptation.

What is known

After 8 reviews on the Metacritic series receivedaverage rating of 53 points. From users, the series earned 6.9. Critic Paste Magazine rated 83 points for The Witcher, calling it a “wildly entertaining” series for fans and newcomers to the universe. At the same time, Entertainment set the creation of Netflix 0 points ...

Basically, the series is scolded for being stretchedstorytelling and tedious dialogue. At the same time, The Witcher does not have enough time to reveal important characters, although it rushes between them. Actors, on the other hand, did a good job, even though the fans still had complaints about choosing a caste. In cons, journalists also recorded excessive pathos and tortured jokes. Save the series only action scenes and good graphics.

“Will you like the Witcher if you're a curious newbie?” Maybe, but you have to be patient, ”- Hollywood Reporter, 50 points.

“This is more like an adventure for Saturday morning than the prestigious Sunday evening show. If that sounds fun to you, then you're right. ”- The New York Times, 60 points.


  • Paste - 83
  • Slant - 63
  • The New York Times - 60
  • The guardian 60
  • Hollywood Reporter - 50

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