Nevertheless, China and the United States have introduced customs duties: will Apple raise prices or lose $ 500 million in profit?

From today, September 1, China and the United States have introduced additional reciprocal duties on a number of products from both

countries in the framework of the "trade war". Let's figure out what this means and how it will affect Apple and other technology manufacturers.

What are the duties?

America from today has increased by 15% the rate of customs duties on Chinese imports totaling $ 125 billion. They will mainly affect smart speakers, Bluetooth headphones and Chinese shoes.

But the United States does not intend to stop there: Starting December 15, there will be another increase in import duty rates, which will affect larger electronics. Including, these are computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.

China did not stand aside and introduced additional5% duty rate on imports of crude petroleum products from the United States. In addition, the Chinese side introduced additional rates of 5% and 10% for the import of a number of commodity items from the United States for a total of $ 75 billion.

What are the consequences

For the sake of economy, many American companies produce gadgets in China, so they will have to pay for every product imported into the United States. I wanted to bring drones from China - pay.

As a result, manufacturers will either have to raise prices or refuse to raise and lose profits.

Already 200 shoe companies, including Nike, Adidas and Converse, have asked U.S. President Donald Trump to abolish duties. The meeting with Trump was also conducted by Apple CEO Tim Cook.

What's up with Apple?

If the previous duties did not particularly affectthe revenue of the apple company, as far as small accessories were concerned, the current increase will affect AirPods, Apple Watch, HomePod speakers, and even iMac monoblocks. And then you will have to pay for all major Apple products, including iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

But experts J. P. Morgan are confident that Apple will not raise the price of gadgets, but will take the full blow. As a result, according to preliminary estimates, the company will lose about $ 500 million in profit.