New activated carbon for water purification from metal developed

Russian scientists, in collaboration with an international group of scientists, managed to develop a unique

activated carbon that is capable of effectivelyclean the water resources of water supply stations. Thus, a modified substance can form water suitable for further exploitation from water rich in iron.

Note that excess in drinking waterindicators of iron can adversely affect the human body. So, this metal can provoke not only kidney and liver diseases, but also increase the chances of developing tissue damage during strokes. In addition, water rich in iron also negatively affects water pipes, stimulating the growth of mucus formation, which ultimately leads to an increase in the number of bacteria.

However, according to scientists, the developed modified activated carbon is able to reduce the amount of iron in water to normal levels.
”At the heart of the development is a special modification of coal,which makes it possible to bind iron in the composition of groundwater entering the water supply system more than three times more efficiently than ordinary activated carbon, ”the MISiS University of Technology, who participated in the development of unique coal, shared with the press service.