New Apple AirPods 2 Reviews from Users

Recently, Apple introduced the second generation of Apple AirPods wireless headphones, and then began their

sales. We will not hide, much in the novelty has upset us, namely the absence of some bright innovations. The first reviews about the AirPods 2 have already started to appear on the Web. Is it worth it to buy new AirPods 2019?

User Reviews

As you know, new AirPods 2 are available in twoVersions: With a new case for wireless charging and with a regular case. Since the new case is the main change and difference from the first-generation Apple AirPods, it makes sense to take this version.

AirPods 2 users first impression -they are the same as the previous generation, the same design, the same white color. It is impossible to distinguish at first sight. Because in fact all the changes are inside.

Here is what Apple AirPods 2 owners write:

In my experience, AirPods 2 connect much faster than the first AirPods, and switching between devices is faster.

I noticed that the delay has decreased, I have not yet noted any other improvements in communication quality.

It seemed to me that the new Air Pods 2 sound a little better than the first. But it is noticeable only at high volume.

I tried to use the case and headphones from different sets, mixed the first and second generation. Be aware they are incompatible, will flash red as a warning.

If you put the first and second headphones next to eachwith a friend - they are generally impossible to distinguish. You can understand which version of Apple AirPods you can use only after connecting them to an iPhone. But the charging cases are a little different, because the LED indicator that indicates charging is outside, not inside.

I do not consider this upgrade serious from Apple. We were waiting for a black case at least ... Opportunities to track health indicators, but in the end ...

What do you think about the new Apple AirPods. Let us know about it in the comments.