New April games: what to play in the first warm days?

Spring is in full swing, but the gaming industry has gone into reverse, so in April we will have a couple of AAA releases, including

which is a new part of the popular fighting game,exclusive on PS4 and several simpler games. Almost all of them come out in the second half of the month, so calmly finish playing the March new releases and slowly start the April ones. What games are you looking forward to?

Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey

Release date:April 5, 2019
Genre:Quest, Adventure

Plot:1888Serial killer Jack the Ripper is at work on the streets of London at night. Residents of the capital are trembling with fear, and with the onset of darkness, few dare to leave the house. But there are more victims, so Lancelot (yes, the same one) takes up the case with his assistant dog Fairy Morgana (yes, the same one).

Expectations:Despite the absurdly creepy plot of Danceof Death: Du Lac & Fey, the game's developers from Salix Games, previously worked on Killzone and Batman: Arkham Knight, which makes the project at least worthy of closer attention than it initially seems.


Anno 1800

Release date:April 16, 2019
Genre:City Builder, Economic Simulator, RTS

Plot:A full-fledged plot in games of the Anno seriesand no. There’s a twist here where the gamer is given an empty island that needs to be turned into a prosperous settlement. More than enough for a simulator.

Expectations:Judging by the first reviews from the preview, Anno 1800A classic city-planning simulator of the series with elements of real-time strategy and economic games. The new part was moved to the later centuries, adding maritime surroundings and romance from the time of the beginning of geographical discoveries. Fans of past installments and newcomers who love this genre should definitely play it.


Mortal Kombat 11

Release date:April 23, 2019
Platform:PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Plot:The story of the new product continues the plot of Mortal Kombat X.Raiden and the Earthrealm are facing a new attack in the face of the mysterious and powerful Keeper of Time Kronika. She decides to restore her own order to the Universe and once again upset the balance of Good and Evil.

Expectations:Judging by the recent demo, Mortal Kombat 11 has becomeeven more epic and spectacular. The legendary fighting game was equipped with new mechanics, special attacks, a system of styles that players are allowed to customize, and a realistic picture. So far everything is good, but let's wait for the premiere.


Imperator: Rome

Release date:April 25, 2019
Genre:Global strategy

Plot:There is no general plot, but the player will be able to grow from a small king on the outskirts of the Roman Empire into its full-fledged ruler.

Expectations:Imperator:Rome is made by the Swedes from Paradox and everything is clear here. Before us is a classic global strategy without unnecessary embellishments, but with deep mechanics and tactics for victory. The creators promise three systems of government (tribe, republic and monarchy), complex political games and subtle diplomacy.


Days goone

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Release date:April 25, 2019
Genre:Action, Action, Adventure

Plot:Civilization collapsed, but Deacon St. John survived.This former criminal travels through a collapsed world on a motorcycle. And a new order on the doomed Earth is being established by phreakers - no longer people, but not yet zombies.

Expectations:Long-term construction and exclusive for PlayStation 4double feelings. On the one hand, Days Gone is reminiscent of The Last of Us, but only the second will be better than the first part. And that’s not a fact. On the other hand, despite the abundance of trailers and pre-shows, no one fully understood what the game was. Maybe gamers have nothing to worry about and this is a cool story about a survival biker. Or an atmospheric dummy with an open world. Or an attempt to play on the success of Naughty Dog’s cult creation. Or perhaps we have something third in front of us and it will turn out to be playable. If it’s hard to wait, read Alexander Chub’s opinion on the demo shown by the developers.