New artificial meat made from volcanic bacteria

Nature's Fynd is a startup that develops lean burgers, dairy-free cheese, nuggets without

chicken and other foods using fermented volcanic bacteria from Yellowstone National Park.

The Chicago-based company has already raised $ 158 millionfunding from several major investors and plans to launch its products this year. There are now two major players in the $ 7 billion alternative meat market - Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. Nature's Fynd may join them soon.

Nature's Fynd was founded in 2012Thomas Jonas and Mark Kozubal. Before co-founding the company, Kozubal researched the Fusarium strain flavolapis bacteria from volcanic hot springs in Yellowstone National Park.

Kozubal and a team of scientists fermented the bacteria into a protein-rich substance they named Fy. Today it is the backbone of the company's food products.

Nature's Fynd claims that its protein, sourced from volcanic microbes, contains all 20 essential amino acids, with no cholesterol or trans fats in artificial meat.

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