New bans: US is going to tighten the loop even more on the neck of Huawei

It seems that despite numerous delays and licensing to US partners, the US is still

did not leave plans to block all the oxygen of the Chinese company Huawei.

What does it mean

Reuters, citing several anonymoussources, writes that America plans to strengthen measures to impede the activities of Huawei. The Presidential Administration, Donald Trump, is unhappy that the restrictions were imposed in May, but so far they have not yielded significant results and have not completely stopped the supply of Huawei.

For example, many US companies (Intel,Xilinx, Micron) continue to cooperate with a Chinese partner. The head of Xilinx said in the summer that the lawyers of the company examined the requirements of the government and came to the conclusion that the old 28-nanometer chips and some chips not intended for 5G transmission could be legally sold by Huawei without a special license.

And now the States want to expand their powers and prohibit cooperation with Huawei to foreign suppliers who use American-made technologies or components in their products.

What it can lead to

Washington lawyer Doug Jacobson believes thatnew restrictions will be poorly received by US allies and US companies. As for Huawei itself, it predicts that such actions will disrupt the supply chain, but ultimately the company will find other suppliers to fill the gaps.

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