New Chinese Brands: Ausdom Headphones and Headsets

Revision gg already familiar with Ausdom products personally: we visited reviews at one time

Ausdom M05 full-size wireless headphones andAusdom M08. They turned out to be very good in terms of price and quality. Therefore, we decided to get acquainted with the range of the company in more detail. Based on the information on the official website and official Facebook page, the company appeared in 2014. Apparently, formally registered in the United States. Production is located in Shenzhen. In addition to its own products, the company is a major OEM-manufacturer and produces headphones for other brands.

Currently, the company employs about 110human. The main focus is a variety of wireless headphones, although there are still webcams, car DVRs and IP cameras. Today we will focus on the main direction of Ausdom - headphones. The company has its own branded store on AliExpress, where the entire current assortment is available.

1. Ausdom TW01

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TWS headsets are now extremely popular, and theirthe assortment is growing at an incredible pace. Ausdom, of course, also has such models. The AUSDOM TW01 model is generally currently the best-selling from the manufacturer. According to the specifications, everything is standard: dynamic emitters of 8 mm each, a charging case with a built-in 600 mAh battery, and 50 mAh in the headphones themselves. They promise up to 6 hours of work on a single charge. The connection is via Bluetooth 5.0, there is support for AAC and CVC8.0 noise reduction technology. The buttons on the headphones are used for control.

Cost: $ 20. Want to buy!

2. Ausdom M09

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Ausdom M09 - full-size model with a closedacoustic design and folding design, which will be convenient for transportation. Available in different color options: an updated (and more interesting) version - in red and silver. Bluetooth 5.0 is used to connect, and the headset is powered by a 300 mAh battery. They promise up to 20 hours of battery life. For the sound in the Ausdom M09, 40-mm dynamic emitters are responsible. Of the connectors there is MicroUSB for charging headphones, a 3.5-mm for wired connection and a MicroSD slot. Inside, you can install a memory card with music and listen to it offline.

Cost: $ 45. Want to buy!

3. Ausdom ANC10

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Another popular full-size model isAusdom ANC10. It is also a large headphone with a closed acoustic design and a folding design. 40 mm dynamic drivers are used. The main feature of ANC10 is the presence of an active noise reduction system. A standard set is provided for connecting to the source: Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless and 3.5 mm for wired. Headphones are charged via MicroUSB. The capacity of the built-in battery is 360 mAh. It is claimed that with active noise canceling the headphones will work up to 20 hours, without - up to 30 hours. On the right cup are all controls, including power, volume control, switching tracks and activating noise reduction.

Cost: $ 43. Want to buy!

4. Ausdom ANC8

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Functionally Ausdom ANC8 is close to the previousmodels: a large full-size model with closed cups, 40-mm dynamic emitters and an active noise reduction system. But it is slightly different in design: the ANC8 is larger, the frame and headband are made of metal and the structure is not folding. You can only rotate the cups 90 °. But the kit provides a case for transportation. All controls are located on the cups. The model uses the CSR Bluetooth chip, there is support for A2DP, AVRCP, HFP and HSP. Headphones are powered by a 400 mAh battery, it is claimed up to 20 hours of operation without noise reduction and up to 18 hours with it. Charged using MicroUSB, it takes about 2 hours.

Cost: $ 53. Want to buy!

5. Ausdom TW01S

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Ausdom TW01S is another manufacturer’s TWS model. Slightly cheaper than the aforementioned TW01. Instead of 8 mm, 6 mm dynamic emitters are used, instead of mechanical buttons, a touch control system is provided. And in addition to the classic black color, a more unusual white-green is also available. Headphones are connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0. Built-in batteries have a capacity of 50 mAh, this is enough for 4.5 hours of headphones. The battery in the charging case is another 400 mAh.

Cost: $ 17. Want to buy!

6. Ausdom S5

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Ausdom S5 Wireless Headset Positionedas a model for sports. It uses a neck mount design. A bow with all the electronic stuffing hangs like a collar around the neck. And the headphones themselves are already on the wires. At the same time, the headphones have magnets, thanks to which they can be attached to each other with their backs and worn when you are not listening to music. The headset weighs only 18 g and is not afraid of sweat. The built-in 110 mAh battery should last for 6 hours. Connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth 4.2.

Cost: $ 14. Want to buy!

7. Ausdom K1

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Ausdom decided to take care of the children. The company's assortment includes Ausdom K1 children's wired headphones. In addition to the obvious bright colors, the headphones have some more interesting features. A limiter of up to 85 dB is implemented in the headphones so that the child does not damage his hearing and an additional 3.5 mm jack, with which you can connect second headphones for sharing music or watching cartoons. The headphones are made of safe, non-toxic materials, and the design allows you to bend as you like, so breaking them will be very difficult.

Cost: $ 19. Want to buy!

8. Ausdom ANC7S

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Ausdom ANC7S is a full-size closed model with40 mm dynamic emitters and an active noise reduction system. Made of black plastic, on cups and headband - stylized carbon fiber inserts. Metal frame and headband. To connect, you can use a 3.5 mm jack or Bluetooth 4.0. The CSR8635 chip is used, there is support for A2DP, AVRCP, HFP and HSP. The capacity of the built-in battery is 500 mAh, the operating time from a single charge is about 18 hours.

Cost: from $ 24. Want to buy!

9. Ausdom M07

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For lovers of light overhead models there isAusdom M07. Headphones are interesting for their folding, easy-to-carry design and soft ear cushions with extra perforation that allows your ears to breathe. All the same traditional 40 mm emitters are responsible for the sound. Buttons for changing the volume, switching between tracks, stopping playback, and a 3.5 mm jack for wired connection are located on one of the cups. A built-in 250 mAh battery is responsible for powering the headphones, which allows you to listen to music for up to 14 hours without recharging.

Cost: $ 30. Want to buy!

10. Ausdom J31

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The company also has more unusual models. For example - AUSDOM J31. These are headphones with bone conduction sound. Instead of classical emitters, sound enters directly into the inner ear through the bones of the skull using vibrations. If you are a music lover, then the sound quality will not please you too much. But for sports and jogging on the street, when you need to hear ambient sounds - this is a very convenient option. Headphones have a neckband design. Connect using Bluetooth 5.0 and support Qualcomm CVC 8.0 technology, which improves sound quality and reduces noise. They promise that the built-in 150 mAh battery will last for 5 hours listening to music at medium volume. They are charged via the microUSB port. Charging time is 2 hours.

Cost: $ 42. Want to buy!