New Chinese brands: Syma - quadrocopters and radio-controlled models

Drones have become a popular and, most importantly, affordable form of entertainment. For those who don't want to start with expensive ones

devices, there are many alternatives availableChinese manufacturers. They are not yet widely known, but have already proven themselves well. One of these favorites in the budget segment is the Syma brand, which we will introduce you to now.

Guangdong Syma Model Aircraft IndustrialCo. It was founded in early 2008 in the Chinese capital of toy production, the Chenghai district of Shantou. The history of the brand Syma (司马) began with the release of radio-controlled models of helicopters, and the first drone was released in 2012. It was a light and nimble Syma X1. In 2014, the manufacturer launched a series of medium-sized quadrocopters Syma X5, which became a bestseller. Then came the larger drones and tiny miniature vehicles.

In 2018, Skylogic Research conducteddrone market research, according to the results of which Syma entered the top five largest brands with a market share of about 2%. The company has its own production base, and the R&D team and design department are responsible for the development of new products.

Syma is not trying to storm the segment.professional drones, focusing on relatively inexpensive entertainment devices. They stay in the air for a relatively short time (from 5 to 10 minutes), and in order not to waste time on recharging, you can immediately purchase a kit with two or more batteries. Now let's see what is interesting in the line of the company.

1. Syma X5A

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Syma X5A is perfect for the role of the first droneto gain first flight skills. The controls are easy to learn, the 6-axis gyroscope ensures stability in the air, and the sturdy body can withstand falls well. The device can be launched indoors, but outdoors the pilot will have more freedom of action. The main thing is that there is no strong wind - the quadric can be blown away by powerful gusts. The operating range of the remote control reaches 100 meters. Available in two speed modes and 360 degree rotation at the touch of a button. The backlight on the beams is good. The 300 mAh battery is designed for 6-8 minutes of flight. With screw protectors, the X5A measures 31.5cm by 31.5cm by 7.5cm.

Before us is one of the most affordable Syma copters.with a minimal set of functions. Even the camera mount in the X5A was removed, although during training you can do without it. Below on the beams are LED lights for safe flight at night. And do not forget to buy in advance four batteries in the remote, because they are not included in the standard package.

Cost: from $ 28. Want to buy!

2. Syma X21

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Syma X21 - more room option, however, witha little wind, this baby feels great in the open space. He is able to keep the height and got useful for beginners automatic take-off and landing. There is also a “headless” mode (Headless Mode), when the direction of movement changes relative to the pilot, and not the orientation of the front part of the quadcopter. This way you can easily return the mini-drone to the starting point after all the pirouettes. X21 is controlled from the console with a range of up to 100 meters (in ideal conditions). A standard 380 mAh battery lasts for 5-7 minutes of flight.

Our hero has a modification with a camera SymaX21W. There is already supported FPV-mode ("from the first person") for broadcasting video on a smartphone from a distance of up to 25 meters. If desired, videos can be stored in the memory of a mobile device, just do not expect good quality from a simple module without electronic stabilization. Another interesting feature of the Flight Plan allows you to set the flight path, simply by drawing it in the Syma Go application.

“Normal” Syma X21 will not connect tosmartphone, but a set with two batteries will cost less than the standard set of X21W. However, during the stock price difference between these versions may not be so big.

Dimensions with screw protection - 13.5×13.5×215;3 cm.

Cost: from $26. Want to buy!

3. Syma X5HW

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One of the more advanced quadcopter fifthThe series got an FPV-camera and a barometer to hold the height, but it loses to previous models in maneuverability. In the video streaming mode, the flight radius is limited to 30-50 meters. With the camera turned off, the Syma X5HW keeps in touch at a distance of up to 100 meters. I did not forget the manufacturer about headless mode, so even a novice can handle the control. Drone makes flips with a slight drawdown in height.

Flying camera takes megapixel photosand allows you to record video in amazing 0.3 MP resolution (640×480 pixels). Neither the first nor the second are distinguished by any special quality. If real-time broadcasting is not so important, you should take a closer look at the almost identical X5HC model with a 2-megapixel module and a memory card slot. The situation there is better, although not much.

Quadcopters fly on one charge for 5-7 minutes, depending on the mode and weather conditions. Both are afraid of strong winds, the dimensions are also the same - 33x33x11 cm with protectors installed.

Cost: $51. Want to buy!

4. Syma X8HW

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The eighth series quadcopters are the largest inSyma lineup. In size, they are comparable to expensive devices DJI Phantom. The similarity can be traced in the design, but because of the golden body of the Syma X8HW, this is not so striking. In an improved version of the X8W, the company added a barometric sensor and fixed a problem with the Wi-Fi camera (when removed by about 20 meters, the built-in transmitter jammed the console signal, making the drone unmanaged). Now the flight range reaches 70 meters in FPV mode and 150 meters without video broadcasting. The battery lasts an average of 5-7 minutes of flight.

The camera itself also received an upgrade. In addition to the new sensor and improved optics, there was a slot for a memory card, which can be recorded. Only the quality remained mediocre (if not worse). A slightly sharper picture can be obtained on another Syma X8HC modification with a 2-megapixel camera without FPV. Some enthusiasts thought it was not enough, and they got the hang of installing ordinary action cameras. A system with a 3-axis stabilizer will be difficult for drones to lift, so you will have to restrict yourself to a simple mount with dampers or a 2-axis hanger like the Walkera G-2D.

Those who decide on such experiments, it is importantremember this. Syma uses in its drones collector engines with a limited resource of work. After installing a third-party camera, the load on the motors increases, and they will have to be changed more often. In any case, to buy the necessary parts and accessories today is not a problem.

Sizes with protectors - 50x50x19 cm.

Cost: $ 82. Want to buy!

5. Syma X8HG

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In its family of bright red Syma X8HGOffers the best quality out-of-the-box aerial photography. The 8-megapixel GoPro format camera hints at this, although it cannot be used separately from the device. There is no battery inside the plastic box, and there is only a memory card slot and an HD / Full HD quality switch on the case. FPV mode is not delivered.

In comparison with other models of the quadrocopter seriesGot more powerful G-motors and became more dynamic. The load capacity has also increased (from 150 to 200 grams), and the new mount is compatible with boxes / bumpers of extreme cameras. The standard shoots better than other Syma suspension modules, but did not get rid of the old problems: sharp changes in brightness are noticeable, there is no stabilization, and the jelly effect appears due to shaking.

In the absence of interference, the device remains a distance of 200 meters, the battery provides 7-10 minutes of flight. The rest of the Syma X8HG is similar to the X8HW and X8HC. It is also equipped with a barometer and supports the simplified control mode Headless Mode.

Cost: from $ 85. Want to buy!

6. Syma Z1

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The Z-series representative has a folding designand does not take up much space. When folded, the dimensions of the Syma Z1 are only 14.5 x 6.5 cm - like a regular smartphone, although due to the thickness of 3.5 centimeters, a pocket copter can be called a pocket copter rather conditionally. The company did not include a remote control in the box. The Syma Fly mobile application is responsible for everything, which, in addition to virtual sticks, implements a “gravity” mode for controlling the tilt of the smartphone. Flight range is limited to 50 meters.

Kvadrik can keep height and stay in oneposition A special optical sensor scans the space below and recognizes an unplanned shift or drift. The position of the FPV camera is adjustable, you can manually tilt the angle before starting. The picture is quite smooth, even when cornering there are no sharp jerks, but no Instagram filters will fix the low details. As a selfie drone Syma Z1 did not take place.

Batteries in a hard case are easy to remove and install, and one charge is enough for 7 minutes of work in the air. Beginner pilots will benefit from Headless Mode and the automatic take-off / landing function.

Cost: $ 50. Want to buy!

7. Syma X25PRO

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The main feature of the quadcopter is the built-inGPS module. Syma X25PRO is able to return to the starting point on its own, at the command of the user or automatically after a connection failure. The application has the settings of the flight zone and several additional modes, including flying in a circle, moving around points and following the operator (specifically this function works so-so). The HD camera with FPV has a turning mechanism; you can switch between horizontal and vertical position right in the air. The option of recording video to a memory card is available.

Syma X25PRO supports automatic takeoff andlanding and headless mode, and the built-in barometer helps maintain altitude. The most for learning flight. Batteries in their own case are easy to change, one is enough for a 12-minute flight. It is only necessary to remember that the light machine is afraid of strong wind. In the Syma corporate store on AliExpress, the price of the X25PRO is $ 140, but we have found where to buy cheaper.

Cost: $ 97. Want to buy!

8. Syma W1

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This is the first drone of the brand, which installeddurable brushless motors. The design is vaguely reminiscent of DJI Spark, only the Syma W1 has no stabilization gimbal and the dimensions are slightly larger. The most functional model in the line was equipped with GPS and added a gesture management system. If you show a V-shaped gesture with your fingers into your camera, the quad will take a photo, and when he sees the open palm, he will turn on or stop the current video recording.

Syma W1 taught to take off from the palm and landon her. Automatic return to the starting point, movement along a given trajectory and following a person - all this drone is also able. The front camera with wide-angle optics can broadcast video via Wi-Fi at a frequency of 5 GHz, and also save videos in Full HD quality on a memory card. The lower HD module is designed for visual positioning in conditions without a GPS signal. Control from the remote control is carried out at 2.4 GHz, the range is up to 200 meters (FPV will be less). The height of the flight reaches 70 meters. A drone can be in the air for 13 minutes. The battery compartment is attached with snap fasteners.

Cost: from $ 260. Want to buy!

9. Syma Q7

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Syma also produces speedboats onradio control, and Q7 - the most recent "waterfowl" model. Its length is 35.6 cm, and the speed can reach 25 kilometers per hour. The bundled remote control with a control distance of up to 150 meters will signal a low battery level so that the user has time to turn the vessel toward the shore. The reverse function is useful if Syma Q7 runs aground. In case of accidental tipping the boat easily flips back.

The developed water cooling system prevents overheating of the motors. On one battery charge, you can drive on the waves for about 8 minutes.

Cost: $ 53. Want to buy!

10. Syma S39

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Despite the successes of the Syma drones, the most massivethe goods of the manufacturer are radio-controlled helicopters. Syma S39 is a larger instance with good flight stability and control over the 2.4 GHz radio channel. It can be run even on the street, especially since the body is sufficiently resistant to shocks. The range of the remote in ideal conditions is 100 meters, and the battery lasts for 6-7 minutes of flight. There are LED-lights.

Syma S39 dimensions are 32.5&#215;14.5×6 cm. For indoor flights, more compact models with 3-channel IR control are also suitable, for example, Syma W25 or Syma S109G and S111G, stylized as Navy and Coast Guard helicopters.

Cost: $ 36. Want to buy!